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I love Pretty Simple Planners! Not only are they beautiful and super inexpensive, they give you little supplements throughout the year to help you organize your days AND your meals!

They have many designs but these are my favorites. I bought the January version but they also have the ones that start in July. Something for everyone. Enjoy!

Preparation is Key!

With back to school right around the corner I need to make sure that I am stocked up with my main staples so I will be ready with all the ingredients I use when dinnertime comes around. When I’m down to the last of my frozen cilantro, chicken cubes or garlic, I buy another batch of cilantro, chicken breasts or a fresh 5 sleeve of garlic to make on the weekend so I am prepared to make meals for our busy weeks ahead.

crack layers of skin for easier peeling by pounding the side end of a kitchen knife with the bottom of your fist

For garlic, I break the cloves apart and cut the ends off both sides to loosen and peel off the layers of papery skin encased around them. Then I drop them in the food processor chute, add a little olive oil in it, use the shredder blade that sits on top, shred, put in quart sized bag and freeze!

Use top shredding blade

For cilantro, I buy a bunch, cut off the stems saving only the leaves, cut them into pieces as best I can and freeze!

I do this with meatballs and chicken cubes, too. For chicken cubes, I defrost chicken breast, cut them into cubes, pan fry with a little olive oil until all juice is absorbed and freeze! For meatballs, I bake them or fry them, wait until they’re cooled and freeze! You will be ready for any meal in a pinch.

What ingredients do you prepare ahead of time and freeze for future use to make mealtimes EASY?