First fruits of our garden!

It is so exciting to see the vegetables finally start growing after many weeks of planning and preparing our garden. And what’s even more exciting is having so many growing that we even get to give some away to our friends!

Who could you encourage today with a homemade card or gift?

Freshly picked zuchinni for my friend, Holly, who likes using them with her pasta
I love writing handmade notes to encourage people
Molly, our pug, looking adorable

Growing Romaine!

My neighbor, Nicole, showed me how to grow Romaine Lettuce from the scraps of used Romaine! Genius! I cannot wait to put these in our garden and watch them grow.

First, cut the ends off of Romaine lettuce making sure to leave about a 2 1/2 inch stump. Then simply get a bowl and fill with an inch of water. Make sure to change the water every day or so. You will be surprised how fast these grow. After about 2 weeks be sure to plant them in the ground so the dirt just covers where the cut was made.

We put the Romaine in the ground today along with onions, cucumbers, zuchinni and apple trees!