First fruits of our garden!

It is so exciting to see the vegetables finally start growing after many weeks of planning and preparing our garden. And what’s even more exciting is having so many growing that we even get to give some away to our friends!

Who could you encourage today with a homemade card or gift?

Freshly picked zuchinni for my friend, Holly, who likes using them with her pasta
I love writing handmade notes to encourage people
Molly, our pug, looking adorable

2 thoughts on “First fruits of our garden!

  1. Last year, I used some simple white gift bags like yours and whenever I went to town I took 5 or 6, filled with a variety of tomatoes, or peppers, or a mixture of both. When I went through the bank drive through, I gave one to the teller. When I stopped at the post office, I gave one to the clerk. After getting gas, the store attendant got one, etc. etc. Everyone was so happy and I didn’t have to can more tomatoes!


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