Listen to their Pain

Experts Say (the picture on the right) is What Jesus Really Would Have Looked Like courtesy of

“Leave me alone!” The White mom said speaking from her family room couch, while sitting in her paid off home in her affluent neighborhood in which she lived. She and her husband sacrificed much to pay off their home and they were finally reaping the rewards for which they worked so hard.

The coronavirus was already too much for her saturated mind to handle but now to add on to it the anxiety she was feeling watching the news with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests and riots that were happening in many major cities across the globe.

“When will this be over!” She said to herself. “I have enough to deal with caring for my elderly aunt, mom and dad as well as my son who just got out of drug rehab.” She is trying to figure out how often she will be able to drive the hour and a half down the Parkway to visit them while learning how to set boundaries with her son and still let him live his own life. “I have enough to deal with!” She said again in her heart. “This doesn’t involve me, I didn’t do it and I want nothing to do with it.”

But the Zoom call from earlier that morning as she talked with her Black friends from church regarding their feelings about the injustice done to George Floyd continued ringing through her mind as she recounted the pain she heard in their voices on the other end of the call. When it was her turn to speak she continued, “No, I don’t know how you feel” she said but neither do you know how I feel.” She justified herself enough to continue to ignore the pain that they and millions of people across the globe were feeling at what was done to not just a man named George Floyd, but what the death of George Floyd represented; the continual injustices being done to the Black population as a whole.

As she hung up the Zoom call, she put on her sneakers to go for her usual walk around the neighborhood. But this time, as she walked past the huge mini-mansions that lined her streets, she suddenly realized that if she were a Black woman she would have been watched like a hawk by the residents of the neighborhood or even had the police called on her to make sure she wasn’t planning to rob their houses.

You see, it’s not just about George Floyd. It’s about the racial injustices that we’ve been dealing with for way too long in this country that nobody has been exposing until now. We can stand up for racial injustice if we each do our part together.

How are you standing up for the injustices of racism, sexism or LGBT?

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