Why sugar-free and wholesome foods?

Waiting for cantaloupe to ripen

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is difficult without a motivating factor. Sometimes I ask myself why I limit my sugar intake and try to eat mostly wholesome foods; the reason comes back to me loud and clear. Sugar is a trigger food for me.

If I ate something really sugary I would crave more and more sugar until I felt so tired and moody that all I wanted to do was go to sleep and be left alone. Not only that, but I would also gain weight and feel even more terrible. But that’s not all. I ate foods that contained high fructose corn syrup that made me unable to feel satisfied after I ate.

According to Healthline, “foods enriched with high fructose corn syrup may cause you to become resistant to leptin, a hormone that signals your body when to eat and when to stop. High fructose corn syrup is a refined sugar found in many processed foods. This may partly explain the link between refined sugar and obesity.” No wonder I would eat but not feel satisfied.

When I eat natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables it doesn’t give me the same reaction that refined sugar does. I can feel satisfied at a serving or so without craving more. I’m grateful to have found the freedom to eat the wholesome foods that my body really wants.

I hope you find some inspiration and motivation here.

What are your triggers?

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